Closet Organization | A Spring Clean of the Bedroom Closet

Woman hanging up clothes in her bedroom closet

In most homes, bedroom closets get more use than any others. You pull clothes, shoes and other items from them each day for work, school or play. Laundry bins also often live there. This daily use requires family members to keep their bedroom closet tidy or risk not being able to close the door. They can also benefit from a spring cleaning this time of year. Follow these tips to get your bedroom closets organized and keep them that way.

Keep. Donate. Trash.

Start your spring cleaning project by pulling everything from your master bedroom closet and placing it in a keep, donate, or trash pile. With hanging items, you can leave what you plan to keep in place to avoid turning your bed into a mountain of clothes.

With “keep” clothes, shoes and accessories, send any that need refreshing to the laundry room or dry cleaner. Also make note of any bins or organizers that would make storing and accessing them easier. For example, placing scarves and purses in wire or clear bins allows you to neatly store them and access after a quick scan.

When considering what to donate, think back to the last time you wore or used an item. If you can’t remember, odds are you don’t need it. Certain clothes prove the exception to this rule, though, such as formal and recreational wear you only use occasionally but that still fits your body and style. Place “donate” items in shopping bags or even clear garbage bags; using clear bags helps you see quickly what needs to go to the donation center, not into the trash.

Place whatever you do plan to throw away outside in your trash bin to avoid the temptation of changing your mind. There should not be much heading this way, though, as old clothes make excellent cleaning rags and just about any pair of shoes could fit the feet of someone in need.

Closet Organizers

As mentioned above, bins and organizers allow you to keep a much tidier bedroom closet. Stores sell entire closet organization systems, which include multiple shelves, drawers and racks, or you can make optimal use of the shelving you have.

If you have limited space, move warm weather clothes to the front of shelves and bars during spring-cleaning and tuck winter items toward the back after any necessary cleaning and bagging.

Move onto other bedroom closets in the home once you finish, grabbing the family member responsible on the way.

Keep Your Bedroom Closet Clean

It would be nice to only have to do all of the above once a year, but you will find that seasonal cleanings like these make sense. You can combine spring and summer, as the clothing tends to be the same for both seasons, no matter where you live in the country. And a fall-winter cleaning works, too.

Once you have your bedroom closet in tip-top shape, set a schedule for certain tasks to ensure it stays that way. Choose a laundry day, a shoe maintenance day, and a mending day. Sunday makes an excellent day for doing laundry, as it allows you to start the week with all of your clothes clean and ready to wear. On that same day, also clean and polish any shoes that need it. The night of the week when your favorite TV show airs makes a great day for sewing back on any loose buttons.

Keeping your bedroom closets clean also allows you to get dressed quickly and get wherever you need to be on time. You also can maintain the floors easily, or have your cleaning service do so. You can’t vacuum or sweep around dirty clothes on the floor, after all.

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