How to Create a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Schedule You Can Live With

Close-up of various cleaning products around weekly cleaning plan form with pen.

Being a parent is hard work. Between navigating school schedules, extracurriculars, social events, and professional responsibilities, you may feel as if you are constantly struggling to catch up on daily tasks, especially when cleaning your home. While you have likely found plenty of cleaning schedules and checklists online, implementing them can be a challenge.

Believe it or not, most parents feel as overwhelmed as you do. It is rare to have time to tend to just about anything. Cleaning is typically one of the first things to go, followed by cooking, lawn care, self-care - you get the picture. The problem is that the less you clean, the more difficult cleaning becomes, as clutter and dirt become unmanageable.

If you’ve been struggling to get all your cleaning done and want to create a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule you can live with, you’re in the right place. Whether you are looking to maintain your bathroom or keep up with dusting, this article will help you develop a cleaning schedule and checklist that will make getting it all done a little easier.

Put Your Kids in Charge

As a parent we often feel the burden of responsibility when it comes to cleaning. However, it’s important to emphasize the responsibility to maintain a clean home falls on everyone. Getting your children onboard early with this mindset is a key to sharing cleaning duties. There are plenty of age-appropriate tasks your children can take on, especially if they are older. While young children can help with picking up toys and folding clothes, preteens and teens are more than capable of cleaning appliances, doing dishes, and even doing laundry.

But having your kids help with daily chores is one thing. Putting them in charge of those chores is another matter that takes a little practice and patience. Instead of only assigning tasks, let your kids choose some of the cleaning jobs they want to be responsible for so that they learn to take ownership of the house upkeep by managing both themselves and their assignments.

You are not only teaching your children the importance of taking care of their home, but you are also making sure that what needs to get done gets done so that you and your family can focus on other items of importance.

When every family member plays their part, the load is easier for all. This responsibility should work both ways, by holding each other accountable for completing assigned cleaning tasks. Ask your children to let you know when you have failed to uphold your end of the deal. Their reward? Staying up late to watch their favorite TV show, movie, some extra video game or screen time, or a special treat that they enjoy. A win for them and you!

Shift Tasks

To create a successful daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule you can live with, try divvying up your family’s cleaning checklist, and change up assignments every week. Doing so will prevent any one family member from feeling burned out from doing the same cleaning activity over and over each day, week, or month. Changing routines and tasks will also help everyone learn new cleaning skills. As each family member completes different cleaning jobs they will begin to understand and appreciate what it takes to clean and maintain an entire house.

Provide Incentives for the Whole Family

Since each member of your family will take on different assignments each week, consider providing a family incentive to do so. Suppose everyone completes the tasks listed on your cleaning schedule. In that case, you can all enjoy a trip to a museum, a family hike, a visit to a skate park — whatever it is that you and your family enjoy doing in your leisure time. This kind of reward system will motivate you and your children. Who knew cleaning could be such fun?

Use Technology to Help

Even though finding daily cleaning schedules online is simple, numerous apps can help keep your cleaning schedule on track as well. If your children are older and have a phone, using an app can be incredibly helpful by keeping you all on the same page. Plus, here at Molly Maid, we always provide articles that can help you tackle even the most mundane cleaning tasks with ease.

Don’t Overload Your Checklist

Although you and your kids can work hard to make sure your cleaning checklist covers everything, it’s only possible if your list is realistic and fair. So, when you sit down to create your family’s cleaning checklist list, make sure you keep your other responsibilities and schedules (homework, sports games, conferences, etc.) in mind.

Remember, sometimes life is simply just too busy, and as a parent there are times when you can’t do it all. If life is hectic, and daily cleaning is not getting done, it’s okay to ask for some help. Molly Maid offers flexible cleaning services that can meet your specific needs and budget. Contact your local Molly Maid to learn more about the cleaning services we offer.